Many networks of death professionals, doulas, and funeral directors have been discussing the ways folx are choosing to respond to COVID-19, with precautions like social distancing, limited gatherings including ceremony surrounding death. This virus will likely lead to an increased possibility of community members dying at home. We came together to provide a short document of resources to become more educated about death and dying at home, be a companion to someone who is dying, or prepare your own dying wishes.


Please stay in contact with your midwife, doctor, and doula to get the most up-to-minute information regarding birthing policies and shifts in best practice. 

  • All people have the right to a safe and supported childbirth experience, whether or not they have a confirmed COVID-19 infection. This includes being treated with respect and dignity, a companion of choice, clear communication by maternity staff, pain relief strategies, mobility in labor where possible, and birth position of choice.

Washington State Department of Licensing has stated that licensed funeral homes and cemeteries may conduct funeral services under the following conditions:

  • Funeral services are in a funeral home or at the graveside.

  • Funerals are only attended by immediate family members of the deceased.

  • The family members in attendance are advised in all circumstances to wear masks covering the nose and mouth, and maintain proper social distancing, defined by the Centers for Disease Control as staying six or more feet apart. 

The Disaster Distress Helpline, 1-800-985-5990 or text TalkWithUs to 66746: 24/7, 365-day-a-year, national hotline dedicated to providing immediate crisis counseling for people who are experiencing emotional distress related to any natural or human-caused disaster. Toll-free, multilingual, and confidential.

Dying at Home During a Pandemic - PDF

A pocket resource for folx caring for the dying and dead at home. The more people who engage with this practice of caring for our dead the more groundwork
we will continue to build. Please reach out to us for additional resources. We want to share this knowledge authentically & with care. This document is sprouted from a group of facilitators & facilitators-in-training from A Sacred Passing’s No One Dies Alone (NODA) program. A volunteer program that provides the reassuring presence of a trained, 

companion to dying people who would otherwise be alone. We work towards building these skills collectively because we recognize that people do die alone. We build skills to participate in care using accountable, sustainable support. Updated as our current landscape changes, last update 3/25/20.

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