Do you want to get support with creating & implementing your project idea? Do you create imaginative options for doula clients but have difficulties when it becomes time to write them down? Are you having bunches of drafts and just not wanting to continue? If any of these are true, you may be interested in commissioning Sunflower Services.
  • Worksheet (digital / print)
  • Client Forms & Doula Documents (digital / print)
  • Creative Writing (digital / print)
  • Lesson Plan & Curriculum (digital / print)
  • Website Design 
The cost for commissions are dependent on how you would like to collaborate, the project idea, and how the completed project will be used. Any blend of the following options is welcome.

Community Building, Education, & Advocacy
When we receive these types of requests, we may suggest opening up this project for more people to work on-- rather than charging any sort of fee
. This option allows us to share the creative labor process and create something that serves each of our needs.
When we open up commissions for community building, we are available to offer support in co-facilitating the creation of the project. This may include tasks like organizing times to meet, helping gather interested folks, creative writing, design, editing, facilitating conversations, and conflict mediation. In this way, the completed document would be available for each person to use as they'd like, all person(s) maintain collaborative ownership rights, etc.
Ownership & Copyrights
Monetary charges for commission work are helpful when someone wants full ownership of a commission after it is created by Sunflower Services. Clients will be invoiced a project fee following confirmation of their commission. In order to get an idea of what fees for your commission may look like, please be as specific as possible when filling out the project request form.

Service Fees
Generally, our rates are $25-$40 hourly to support a living wage. We offer some service package options that range from $50 - $1200 depending on the requested product. Any sort of bartering or trading is an alternative to paying with money. This option will depend on what each person's skills and offerings are. We are open to any suggestions. This option is generally about clear communication and finding a way to value each person's time and expertise.
The namesake of Sunflower Services is the Helianthus Annus, the common sunflower from North America which is recognized by the bold petals dancing around the center. This name was chosen to honor a gift of the earth that invokes feelings of safety, inspiration, and awe. Seeing them brings warmth to our soul in a way that only the sun can rival. Thank you for being here.

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