Summer Gail Diegel is a full-spectrum doula who has been working in holistic care education and spiritual guidance since 2013. As the founder of Sunflower Services, Summer writes and designs resources for building consent, communication boundaries, and spiritual care skills. 


In addition to their background in theological education, Summer's experiences with end-of-life guidance, sex education, and domestic violence support influence their trauma-informed approach to all subjects. Summer develops curriculum and teaches workshops, courses, and doula training through local organizations. Summer also works with individuals one-on-one. 


Summer feels most at home cozied up with a sci-fi or fantasy novel. They enjoy collaborating in imagination, play, and joyful learning opportunities among small groups.  They are committed to growing and modeling a framework of consent and authenticity in theology, care planning, and death care education.

Summer received a B.A. from Seattle University in Theology & Religious Studies, and is currently pursuing a masters degree in education, studying K-12 Advanced Teaching. Currently, they serve as the Youth Ministry Coordinator for Valley and Mountain, volunteer within the National Home Funeral Alliance,  and volunteer as Assistant Director within A Sacred Passing: Death Midwifery and Education.





"For 2 weeks while we were visiting Seattle, they cared for my mother with such authenticity. Summer was a warm, attentive, and friendly person that our whole family loved. They even improved our trip by offering informed suggestions for accessible activities around the city!"

"I absolutely loved the time I spent with Summer. I was amazed by their seemingly endless knowledge of sexual ethics and the pleasure-oriented framework they have around sex. Their lessons are direct, consistently welcoming, and oriented around consent. Thank you, Summer!"

"Summer is a very skilled communicator. It seems like a weird compliment, but we really mostly notice only when humans are communicating poorly. And I rarely see someone do it quite as so effectively. Thanks for bringing that rare skill and attention!"

The namesake of Sunflower Services is the Helianthus Annus, the common sunflower from North America which is recognized by the bold petals dancing around the center. This name was chosen to honor a gift of the earth that invokes feelings of safety, inspiration, and awe. Seeing them brings warmth to our soul in a way that only the sun can rival. Thank you for being here.

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