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This read and discussion group meets together via Zoom every month on the fourth Monday at 6:30p PST

If you'd like, invite in a moment of rest and prepare a warm drink for yourself. Nearby is a cup of chamomile tea for myself. I am looking forward to writing, and to sharing my care work with you. Welcome to my website and blog, thank you for being here!


I would like to extend a personal welcome to my chosen and kindred family, elders, and community members who may be visiting this website. Thank you for being here. You are the foundation in which I have felt care, grown interrelated friendships and mutual aid networks. Thank you.


"When we deepen our transitions (our small moments, our big moments, sometimes-easily-brushed-away moments) we make a choice to invest strategically into them. By doing this over time we can build authentic faith and joy."

- from my journal, lost in time somewhere.


Picture: Summer lounges on a couch wearing black and white patterned pants, a black Resting Waters t-shirt, and round glasses. Summer's head is shaved and they are surrounded by house plants.


Care planning, post clinical services, celebrations, ceremonies, and workshops are all designed to cultivate a space where each person is empowered in their options, in touch with their bodies, and intuitive about the choices they make.


Sunflower Services is a resource in building consent-communication and care skills. We believe that care work happens moment-to-moment, often building into patterns and practices.


Summer's Notes are a comprehensive snapshot of opportunities they've had to learn and grow. Explore how they have organized the information and emphasized the most interesting compontents by browsing Summer's collection here.


Find time for a shared moment together using my online scheduling tool or email me to connect. If you would like to schedule a client consultation, please specify your availability and which services you are interested in discussing.

The namesake of Sunflower Services is the Helianthus Annus, the common sunflower from North America which is recognized by the bold petals dancing around the center. This name was chosen to honor a gift of the earth that invokes feelings of safety, inspiration, and awe. Seeing them brings warmth to our soul in a way that only the sun can rival. Thank you for being here.

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